Proud of our end products, we invite the entire national education community such as; MINFOP, MINSUP and other national partner universities including the University of Douala. The eminent presence of private and Para-public companies is always our priority as our graduates who become rare birds in the job market are usually scrambled for by these personnel.

      The main reason why our students always do their defense in the presence of these qualified personalities is simply because we are always confident in their technical know-how, self discipline and their ability to deliver the goods when and where needed. So, it is usually a “COME and SEE” Event.

1) We have renowned, qualified and experienced professors both nationals and internationals who are masters in their fields and are in active service.
2) Our laboratories are well equipped with modern machines of different categories and for different specialties.
3) Our library is well equipped with contemporary books in all the specialties.
4) Our computer hall has many modern computers with the latest soft-ware versions for all specialties.
5) Our campus is well secured and organized.
6) We insist on a limited number of students per lecture hall.
7) The computer hall has wifi connection 24/7 which permits our students to be on continuous research.
8) Our lecture rooms are extra clean with modern and comfortable chairs.